Touch Attack! Games

4.0 ( 9860 ratings )
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개발자: ProRattaFactor
0.99 USD

LIMITED TIME WEEKEND SALE! The blockbuster arcade game series that soared to the #1 and #2 charts of U.S., Canada, U.K., and France! Lots to unlock and superbly refined!

-- OpenFeint leaderboards & achievements now integrated --
The most addictive reflex and memory mastery iPhone family game to date! Also plays great on iPad!

"For three games, it’s a steal given the unlockable features and easy-to-learn touch controls."

So, you think you have quick reflexes and a snappy memory? Touch Attack is a collection of mini games thatll test your reflexes and push your memorization skills to the limit. The gameplay is fast paced, the music is rockin, and the replay value and level of customization (via FREE unlockable content) truly set this game apart from any other of its genre.

Youll win in-game tickets that can be traded-in to unlock additional themes, sound effects, music tracks, and last but not least, the third game (Match Attack). Touch Attack! Games lets you unlock everything yourself!

- Touch Attack
This trigger happy game starts out simple, but it gets nuts very quickly.

- Memory Attack
Truly test your pattern memorization skills.

- Match Attack
You think pair-matching is easy, huh? I bet you wont last past wave #8.

- Diverse style of gameplay between mini games: (Ranging from quick reflexes, sequence memorization, and spatial memory)
- Touch Attack Games is OpenFeint integrated! (Leaderboards and achievements)
- Fun graphics, sound effects, and music
- Continue game at current round after interruption or when closing application
- (Long replay value) Trade in-game tickets for new themes, sounds effects, and music

"Theres a lot more to Touch Attack! Games than first meets the eye. The addition of unlockable themes, music, sound sets and even the third game keep the replay value high."

"Offers a lot of fun and challenge. Touch Attack! Games is a great way to pass the time and well worth the cost."